Highest paying jobs Australia – Business manager

in Australia, business managers keep the workforce moving and are compensated well for doing so. In a recent list compiled by a popular job-hunting site in Australia, twelve of the top twenty-five highest paying positions in the country were business management related. The cities where the job market and pay for business managers is most favorable right now are Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide. The most lucrative business management jobs in Australia right now are CEOs, regional general managers, and marketing/sales managers. Migration to smaller cities and the areas that are experiencing construction booms have left vacancies as well as provided new opportunities as those communities take on new residents and their needs change.

The variety of jobs that fit under the title of “business manager” is diverse. Every aspect of a business has someone in management overseeing it whether it’s a business manager in a small religious school in Perth or a CEO and management team overseeing a multi-national corporation in Sydney. Some of the most common job titles are account managers, sales managers, human resource managers, marketing managers, and logistics managers. Account managers oversee everything to do with a client’s account, their job is to retain clients by making sure their needs are met by all aspects of the business as well as seeking out new clients. Sales managers handle the everyday client orders and coordinate with sales representatives, account managers, logistics managers and human resource managers to be sure the client’s orders are processed correctly and in a timely manner. Human resource managers work with management to maintain hiring qualifications, they also oversee on the job training and are in charge of benefit packages for employees. Marketing managers oversee the maintenance of the company’s persona in the business world and its public presence, they handle advertising, social media, track trends and communicate those trends to other departments. Logistics managers deal with the product end of the business, they make sure materials and products are where they’re supposed to be, arrange for storage, coordinate with different shippers and trucking companies, track shipments to assure they arrive on time and are the final connection between when the product leaves the company’s possession and is delivered to the consumer or distributor. The ideal business manager, no matter what his/her actual job title is will have the following qualifications: communication skills, be an excellent motivator, able to manage time, stays on budget, maintains distance while having a rapport with employees, delegates and is a problem solver. The diverse nature of business management leaves room for many different skill sets and personality types. Business manager should have actuary quality.

International Australian businesses that have a presence in the Asia-Pacific region will be growing and needing more management personnel in the future. With China and other Asian countries having more disposable income as their middle class develops, the need for goods and services will drive Australia’s economy and the need for more management. New and experienced managers in finance, telecommunications, and retail opportunities are going to be in demand in the near future.