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Highest paying jobs Australia – Computer analysts

Computer analysts are among the highest paying jobs in Australia. These jobs seem to be predominantly held by men but there are also many women in the computer analysts field. About sixty seven percent of the full time computer analysts jobs are held by men while about twenty five percent of these jobs employee women. The part time jobs in this field are fairly equally divided at about three percent for both men and women. Full time computer analysts spend at least forty hours per week in the office but are required to be available on weekends and some holidays in case of an emergency such as deadline issues or technical problems that need to be taken care of right away.

The field of computer analysts covers a wide array of positions. Business consultant and business planners fall into this category as well as business analysts and information technologists. Software designers and system analysts also are employed in this field. Equally important in the field of computer analysts is the website administrators and creators. These individuals are required to have at least a bachelor degree but many have masters degrees that focus on technology. Professionals in this field should also understand people and management of time and resources. Computer analysts must be able to think quickly and accurately to make important business decisions. The learning never really stops for these individuals, as they must keep up with the latest forms of technology and advancements. They must also exhibit strong leadership skills with good interpersonal skills.

The workload for computer analysts can be rather heavy at times. They must show leadership in assigning and reviewing the work of computer related workers in an entire organization. Not only do they have to create and produce technology and software updates but they also have to train new users how to use the programs. Computer analysts are often responsible for backing up and keeping a company’s files secure as well as creating important informational reports that will guide the company in investments and marketing. They must also keep up to date on new software and programs that will be helpful with this so that when a program or software becomes outdated and is no longer beneficial to the company they can suggest or purchase the new program needed to keep the company successfully moving forward. While this may sound like a lot of work and extreme pressure for an individual one might wonder why someone would want to take on some much responsible. The answer is simple. There are two reasons. Many people do enjoy this type of work but most people enjoy a nice salary more. Entry-level positions typically start out around $60,000 per year and can reach up to about $110,000 per year for senior analysts. The average salary is about $80,000 per year, which is among the highest paying salaries in Australia. The salary and benefits make the long hours and often extreme pressure worth the while and if the individual truly enjoys what they are doing then it’s just a complete win win situation.