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Highest paying jobs Australia – Enginering Manager

What do you know about the Australian labour market, with absolute certainty? The only thing we know, is that there is a certain level of uncertainty pertaining to the labour market. Consider 2 important things: 1) Through June of this year, the rate of employment has increased slightly more than 7%. 2) Over the next 5 years, the projected employment rate is set to surpass the current rate of growth, going to 10%. So then a question is posed. What do these numbers mean for Engineering and why should you care?

Given that the technical industry is set to see a significant increase in growth, in comparison to other industries, this means problem solving individuals will be necessary to make the inevitable growth sustainable. Someone is needed to tackle technical organization, planning and administrative issues – That person is the Engineer. Sounds like a no-brainer. We’ve solved the issues associated with massive industrial growth? Or have we? With the increase in required Engineers, to tackle the influx of business needs for sustainability, we are presented with an increased need for those who can manage said Engineers, the Engineering Manager. No wonder they have the highest paying job in Australia, they are needed like never before and are on track to be needed even more. In their most basic summary, these are individuals that possess both training and experience in both engineering and business.

Because Engineering Managers are in high demand, they are compensated well. Matter of fact, they are compensated so well, that they are said to have the highest paying job in Australia. Make you want to get in on the action? How can you have the highest paying job in Australia? It all starts with your educational background. From an education perspective, here is pertinent advice: Enroll in an Engineering Management Program (EMP). What is an EMP? EMP’s are education programs that focus on accounting, economics, finance, project management, systems engineering, mathematical modeling and optimization, management information systems, quality control and six sigma, operations research, humans resource management, industrial psychology, safety and health. Formulating your educational plan, you should consider coupling a computer science, mathematics or science degree with a business degree, and you’ll set yourself up for success. Two degrees, that’s what you need to get started. But are the degrees alone enough? Of course not. In addition to your degree’s there are 2 skills you need to master to be a successful Engineering Manager. Superb communication skills will be required of you, as well as immense technical knowledge. So let’s take a look at another part of the equation, Engineers who are are interested in becoming Engendering Managers. Just how can this transition occur? How can you transition into the highest paying job in Australia? As an Engineer, more likely than not, you already have stellar problem solving skills. You need to cultivate your management skills. You also need to focus on technical processes. You’re already halfway there, you can make the transition. You can have the highest paying job in Australia no matter if you’re a current Engineer or a current/future University student. Once you’ve once you’ve followed the plan laid before you, you’ll be on track to have one of the highest paying jobs in Australia.