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Freelancer’s income secrets

Freelancers are key person for designing and programming of various IT works.  They participate in different online freelancing problem and do the jobs. Among them mobile programming, web programming, database programming, game programming, graphic design, web design, multimedia production, SEO, social media, CRM, engineering, project management are demanding. These jobs are high in demand and freelancer use their creativity to solve the problem. Hourly rate is higher in university students than high school. The rate is also changing  if a person works  as a company. There is a price variation of 9% if a person shows that he has a company. So it is better to demonstrate profile as company! If there is a valid office then this paying rate increases by 7%.

Average hourly rate of a freelancer is $22. It is slightly increases for programming and decreases  with translation and marketing.  Legal freelancing rate is highest and $33. At the same time, engineering and manufacturing is $25. However there are freelancer who are earning $51-$100 and their percentage is 8%. Most of them related to programming.They are highly skilled and proven their track.  Income of freelancer varies with types! It is found  that certain skill types expects significantly better rates than others. Freelancers providing legal services charge an average of $31 per hour, significantly higher than freelancers working in Sales & Marketing ($21) or Writing & Translation ($17).

A freelancer can handle 2-3 project at a time. However with increase of project, their is a chance to decrease quality. Group freelancers are showing better result than single. Only 46% freelancer are satisfied with their income and other’s are dissatisfied.

Average working hour of freelancer is 36 hours per week (7.2 hours per day for a 5-day work week). 67% freelancer are using their time as full time job. However others are taking this as part time.  38% of freelancer use Facebook, 17% G+ and only 2% piniest.

Demand of freelancer is increasing day by day. However skillfulness is also decreasing day by day. It is time to hold the quality and at the same time increase of quantity can be appreciated.  Still significant income of freelancer relates with programming and mobile apps!