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Highest paying jobs Australia – Mining Engineer

One of the highest paying jobs in Australia is that of a Mining Engineer. To become a mining engineer one must attend university and complete an engineering degree with a major in mining or geo technical engineering. Part of the rigorous academia that mining engineer would entail, one would have to find themselves with knowledge of mathematics, chemistry, English, and physics. Different Universities have different pre-requisites so that would be something to consider when looking into schooling to obtain such a degree. Mining engineer provides ongoing research and safety in mines. The mining engineer can be found in the beginning stages of research all the way to the end stages of marketing.

Most students that have graduated have had disciplines in many areas. Such as metallurgy, commerce, economic, geology among others. Obtaining a job as a miner engineer, would be through one of the many companies out there. Such as Mining consultants, government departments, The average pay for a mining Engineer is AU $112, 346. Location can also effect pay. This is important to keep in mind when looking for the proper position. Australia puts great importance on mining engineers as it supports the country and provides thousands of jobs across Australia. It is a unique field that has many different facets to it. There are a wide variety of positions with in itself. It is a primary industry that is a major contributor to the Australian economy. This is part of the reason a career as a mining engineer is so desirable.

Australia is the perfect place for this industry as the land is very rich in resources , minerals, and energy for the rest of the world. Mining is one of the most high paid jobs in Australia because of the current technology based society. Vehicles, machines, computers, telecommunication devices all need to be powered, giving the mining engineer job a high stable demand. There is also a shortage in Australia in this field, also creating such a demand. Mining Engineers do a wide variety of tasks. For example they may determine the most suitable method of mining for minerals . They may talk to geologist and other engineers about design. They may prepare plans for mines and tunnels, such as shafts and haulage roads for open cuts. They may conduct investigations of mineral deposits and conquer with other geologists in their findings. A mining engineer oversees the construction of a mine. A mining engineer is also expected to be involved in all phases of the mining project. Most likely from the exploration and discovery of the mineral source , through studies, mine design, development of plans and production, scheduling, operations, processing and even marketing. The mining engineer really is involved in all facets. A mining engineer can work in a variety of environments , up a mountain , in the desert , and all across the world and Australia. Besides the more exotic locations, a mining engineer can also be found in corporate offices, of mining offices. The mining engineer can be found overseeing projects like mentioned above, There really is a wide range of areas for the miner engineer to work in.