Energy Management Collaborative (EMC)

With energy saving becoming an increasingly important concern some businesses such as EMC have succeeded at capitalizing on the opportunity to generate quite impressive results in a short period of time. For a company founded in 2003 togenerate revenue in the region of $ 60 million in 2014 is a very impressive feat. By 2009 only 6 years after itsinception EMC was already making revenue of above $ 6 million and in the period 2012-2014 the revenue grew from $26million to $ 60 million.

And it’s not just revenue that is impressive – in terms of energy conservation EMC has saved its customers of 1 billion kilowatt hours of energy. This colossal amount is equivalent to the amount of energy that could be conserved if the Burnsville Coal plant was closed for a period of six months! In Minnesota alone the company has saved 10.4 million kilowatt hours for its various customers.

While the company was formed by ateam of professionals who were employed in the energy sector it primary point of focus is to increase savings for business by providing them with energy efficient lighting systems. The company employs in house designers who work with clients and help them to find the best and most efficient lighting solutions for their needs.

In relation to their challenges the CEO mentions that overcoming the initial sceptics curious about the amount savings that hiring consultant would generate.It took about two years of marketing to begin to make headway and by 2005 the company started receiving work from large clients such as Sears – today it has clients in all 50 states including Puerto Rico, Canada and Columbia.

The company focussed on the fact that it was capable of providing lighting solutions that could reduce expenditure by as much as 50% while improving the output and quality of lighting. Based on this compelling argument in relation to energy consumption getting the business on its feet was very much a question proving these statements by working with afew clients. This is a common situation with many entrepreneurial or knowledge based products where the breakthrough technology already exists and huge profits can be made by introducing and installing the solution.

Owing to its initial successes the company today has some huge jobs in progress including assignments by giants such as Best Buy seeking to reduce their carbon footprint by 20%by 2020. IN addition to this the same company has given EMC the task of installing over 110,000 fixtures for energy saving in its 844 stores across the country – impressive for a company that is just overadecade old. In relation to its job with Best Buy the company is on track to complete the job this year 6 years ahead of the deadline. It is very likely that this quality service and dedication in delivery of products and services to clients are among the reasons the company has managed to make such in roads ina relatively short period of time. It mission is to secure very penny spent in expenditure on utilities suchas power – a daunting task given there are 4000 public utility commissions across the country each with unique procedures and programs.