Graduate Coaching – Addressing the Youth Skills Gap

The competition for scarce jobs is becoming stiffer in today’s job market. This position has seen many college graduates spend several months or even years unemployed in many parts of the world – what could be the problem? On one hand it could be the courses they are studying – it could also be speed with which the workplace is advancing is so great that many recent graduates find their skills become obsolete soon after completing education.

Owing to the above concerns the Forum of Private Business in the UK warned that institutions must do more to make young graduates more attractive to employers. This is an important advisor given the employers are the main consumers of the products of education – skilled personnel. For this reason when they complain it points to something amiss and urgent remedial action is necessary.

That is not tosay that there is nothing to enhance the quality offresh graduates rather it points their inadequacy. There is no question on the validity and effectiveness of programs such as the new entrepreneurs program offered by the government – so long as the consumers continue to complain it is very likely that these cannot meet the demands for skilled personnel in the local market. This is major concern given that if left unattended it creates opportunities or the need to hire from elsewhere – immigrant labour and even greater competition for jobs in future.

Owing to this opportunity Tom Hickman starteda graduate coaching business to provide training to bridge the gapbetween school and work for fresh graduates. This is also made possible owing to the facts that due to inability to find work many parents have started to argues about the cost of higher education and are seeking programs that place greater emphasis on employment. The idea came to the entrepreneur while working with a media licensing company – in an effort to lure young people to assist with building the company he was surprised by the number of bad CV’s and applications flooding in for the position.

The difficulty in finding the right people to fill in positions soon became a task in itself and today he works with a group of professionals including entrepreneurs, academics and psychotherapists too help deliver skills needed to sustain fresh graduates in the competitive business world. To fund the venture the founder soughtthe support of other whoshared the passion to solving this looming crisis and managed to raise 10,000 pounds for the venture.

Toget the word out the company opted to build partnerships and networks to bring in clientele rather than spend on advertising. This has seen plenty of networking done with schools, universities and SME networking organizations to bring together all interested in the cause. The competition for this concept is the higher learning institutions such as the universities and colleges who have also recently taken to improving course to produce better equipped graduates for the current job market. The founder cites that the competition and government efforts are welcome competition in solving this national crisis but opportunity remains given the government and institutions are financially limited.