Highest paying job Australia – Business analyst

Australia, as a country in its entirety, is growing steadily and their job market has major demands and shortages. One of the most critically urgent, need-to-hire jobs right now is that of a business analyst. Since business analysts are in such high demand for Australia it has quickly turned into one of the highest paying jobs in Australia. There are other high paying jobs of course, but since a business analyst integrates technology and computers into their job, the need for business analysts can only keep increasing!

The average salary for a business analyst in Australia is AU$80,350 a year, which converts to roughly $57,350 US dollars a year. This may not seem that high, but remember this is only the average for what people are making as of right now, and the need is growing so salaries could grow as well. There is also the possibility if you are coming over from another country that travel expenses could be paid or even temporary housing given. If you compare the average business analysts salary to what the Australian government estimates yearly cost of living for one person to be, you see that this salary more than covers the minimum cost of living, which is estimated to be AU$18,610 per year. Again though, that cost of living figure is just a minimum. Regardless, that salary is well beyond double that, meaning you could live very, very comfortably and enjoy the finer things in life with this salary.

You might be wondering what exactly is a business analyst, and what does a business analyst do? A business analyst analyzes of course! They analyze, or study, businesses and/or organizations and documents and tracks how it works, flows, and runs. This could be analyzing a business model or something such as how does the company incorporate and work with technology efficiently. Once a business is analyzed, the business analyst can make suggestions or recommendations to help the company work better, work more efficiently, and bring more money in. A business analyst should be familiar with spreadsheets and other forms of collecting, interpreting, and sharing data. A computer will be your best friend! There have been 4 types of business analysis that have been identified. Process design helps to analyze the work flow and make it more productive. Strategic planning analyzes and identifies an organizations needs as a business. A business model analysis goes over an organizations market approaches and policies. Last, but certainly not least, a systems analysis interprets rules and requirements usually within the IT (technical) field. A business analyst will occasionally work hand in hand with an IT department to improve current situations or examine new technology that has just been implemented. They may also help create and implement training, as well as assist in developing project planning. A business analyst should also have the understanding and knowledge about what a shareholders risk and return might be. As you can see, a business analyst is a vital part to today’s economy and business world. It is an even more important field in a growing country that has new business popping up, creating the need and demand for more business analysts.