Highest paying jobs Australia – Database Administrator

Australia seems to have a very good economy right now that is growing. One of the best jobs that is out there that you can do in Australia and really make money is a Database Administrator. A Database Administrator is the highest paying job in Australia right now, making this is a great field to be in! The position is also in very high demand right now! They are even trying to recruit people from other countries to come over and work because there is such a short in Database Administrators in the work force.

You might be asking, “What does a Database Administrator do exactly?” There is a lot that a Database Administrator does! They usually develop and plan a database management system for an organization, along with maintaining and configuring it. They also have to provide support. They need to take into consideration the user requirements based on what kind of organization they are working for. They need to make sure it is secure and reliable, that there are no bugs and it won’t crash. They need to make sure they have a back up for it in case something does happen. They need to create and maintain the structure of the database. A database administrator needs to thoroughly check the system and any upgrades doing things such as logging and fixing any problems, debugging, and being responsible for the whole process. They also need to work with security specialists to ensure the security and safety of the database. In a nutshell, they need to make sure the database fits together and runs smoothly with no bumps or hiccups. These are not just one time tasks either, checks need to be done daily to find and fix any bugs. This should all be documented on logs in case you need to go back and see something about a previous bug or issue. The world is becoming very technology dependent and relies a lot on the internet, so this job can only get even more in demand than it is now!

Another good question to ask is, “How much does a Database Administrator get paid?” This is a very valid question with a not so straightforward answer. Database Administrators pay can very greatly based on who they are working for, how long they have worked there, and how much experience they have in the field. Someone straight out of college will not get paid anywhere near what someone who has been working for ten years would get paid. If you look online at some of the job salary sites, you will be able to find the salary range of a Database Administrator. Entry level Database Administrators seem to make on average around $46,140 USD a year. The higher level of the pay scale jumps all the way up to $106,835 USD a year. Obviously there would be a median range in there that your average Database Administrator would make, somewhere around $80,000 USD a year. This type of salary is definitely an easy salary to live off of comfortably with the cost of living.