Highest paying jobs Australia – Electrical Engineer

Electrical Engineering is a skilled profession, it takes years of education and practice to gain a License in the field, In Australia the highest paying jobs range a variety of math’s and sciences. The top jobs list is comprised of a variety of doctorate and engineering degrees. However, the job of Electrical Engineer out ranks them all as having the highest pay out of all others. Electrical Engineers first must attend a University that has a major that is, or is similar to an Electrical Engineering Major. Similar majors might be Communications Engineering or Electrical Power. To get into these fields, a VCE is usually required. There are also many prerequisites that may be required depending on what university you attend such as math, physics, chemistry, and the like.

After gaining a University degree many Electrical Engineers go on to higher education or start work in the field right away. In order to begin work as an Electrical Engineer many graduates register with Engineering unions which certify them for work in specific areas. The job of an electrical engineer is varied and diverse. Many work for state, territory or federal governments. Besides this an Electrical Engineer may work for electrical suppliers, manufacturers, telecommunications companies, and small businesses. An electrical engineer may even start their own business doing repairs for home owners. On the job, and engineer’s day may be comprised of many different tasks. Electrical Engineers may develop new electrical equipment, improve on existing electrical devices, engage in problem-solving related to their place of employment or conduct tests on electrical equipment. The types of technology an electric engineer may work on can be small or large. Cell phones, computers, robots, navigation systems, and wiring and lighting are all forms of technology an electrical engineer may be dealing with.

In terms of the job of Electrical Engineers’ ranking, the experience of the electrical engineer has a small effect on the job pay. However, even new starting out engineers have a salary of at minimum 53,000 dollars a year. More advanced engineers make upwards of $100,000 depending on their position and their length of employment time. Major companies which hire Electrical Engineers have their median salaries within these parameters, some even ranging more towards the higher 100,000 pay scale. Besides this pay, an electrical engineer also has the opportunities of bonuses on the job and pay raises as they gain more and more hands on experience. Thus with all this information considered it is not hard to believe an Electrical Engineer would have the highest paying job in Australia. The hours of study and work rise these workers pay scales above the others, and the necessity of their job to modern life puts them in high demand. From cellphones to laptops to all the commodities which keep other businesses afloat, Electrical Engineers are under it all fixing the aspects of our world that allow us all to function and do our best every day.