Highest paying jobs Australia – Manager IT

The field of Information Technology encompasses a vast array of responsibilities. Nowadays, most companies rely on computers and technology to operate a profitable business. This has created an enormous need for people who can create and maintain computer networks and systems designed to maximize the company’s operations. Businesses also have a need for people who can upgrade software, maintain computer networks, repair systems, set up and maintain servers that run internal office applications and create custom software products designed with the company’s business needs in mind. The main focus of IT is to improve the usability and efficiency of a business’s technological systems and processes. Although technical skills and education are highly valued in these roles, they are not always on the top of the list of things companies look for when hiring for IT departments. Communications and management degrees are necessary, especially if seeking a management role in IT departments. Anyone in an IT role will never be done learning. It is extremely important to seek training on a constant basis to stay abreast of all the advancements in this rapidly expanding field. All of these things make any role in IT management some of the highest paid positions and fastest growing fields available. Unfortunately for most companies, they are also the hardest positions to fill with qualified individuals.

All the different duties that are involved in an IT department create many different management roles that require qualified individuals. The highest paid management role in an IT department is the role of Chief Information Officer, also known as the IT Director. This role usually comes with a $350,000 salary. The reason for such a high price tag is due to the many responsibilities that fall on the shoulders of the CIO. They are responsible for strategizing and implementing systems within an organization to ensure a company’s IT goals are met and maintained. With this role, education and experience needs focus more on business education and a high level of communication skills. Management and specialized IT degrees are valuable as well. A step down from the CIO is the Technical Infrastructure Manager who is paid $200,000 annually on average. This individual defines and monitors the appropriate technological solutions for a company. This role requires an education that focuses on a wide variety of programming software and applications. The Technical Infrastructure Manager must also possess strong problem solving and organizational skills. Applications Development Managers have similar roles and generally rake in a $200,000 a year paycheck. The IT manager oversees the day to day running of an IT department. They handle overall costs and handle relationships with clients and staff. Strong management skills are necessary along with IT experience. This position is one of the highest in demand right now and has an average salary of $180,000

The list could go on and on with all the different areas of information technology. Whether you focus of software development, networking or even database development and software design, you will continue to be in demand with companies trying to stay on top of the game. This rapidly growing field will continue to grow along with the rapid advancement of technology.