Highest paying jobs Australia – Product chain manager

If you want to make money in Australia, why not become a product chain manager? Product chain managers are one of the highest paying jobs in Australia and a move to this position could definitely be a rewarding career. It is possible to make over 100,000 dollars a year in this position, especially considering the opportunities to acquire performance bonuses, profit sharing funds and even commissions. An effective product chain manager also will have the opportunity to acquire promotions based upon their quality of work. Another positive aspect of this job is that job satisfaction is very high in this field and most companies provide a comprehensive health care plan that even includes dental coverage. Most companies also offer strong 401K retirement plans for you to consider as well. As you can see, with so many perks and incentives it is truly a fruitful career that has the potential for long term benefits.

So what does the position of product chain manager actually entail? Product chain managers supervise and monitor franchise supply chains. Your job would be to maintain company policies regarding logistics and procedures. In addition, you would also be responsible for creating an atmosphere that would be conducive to having the sales and customer service teams working in conjunction with each other to ensure quality and productivity rates. Furthermore, a product chain manager would also be responsible in keeping track of inventory. Product chain managers also communicate with suppliers and look over current contracts to regulate cost effectiveness, while simultaneously maintaining a solid rapport with store managers. The most popular skills needed for this type of work is as follows: Data analyzer, forecaster, inventory specialist, proficiency with logistics and management. There can also be some traveling involved and the effective product chain manager has to be extremely flexible with his/her work schedule. Hours may be long, depending on the work load; however, most of the work is done indoors.

Now that you know what the job requires, what type of background do you need? Most product chain managers have at least a bachelor’s degree or higher in a field that is related to business administration, sales, logistics and/or multiple years of work experience as it relates to business and customer service. Most people who do well in this job are effective at developing and maintaining interpersonal relationships, while also exhibiting the ability to possess strong oral, written and communication skills. Product chain managers also need to be master motivators who can rally their teams to work at peak efficiency and to coach employees to work together as a team. The ability to collaborate with multiple individuals in multiple job descriptions is critical in being successful in this field. This is a fast growing field that will only grow in the months and years to come. This will continue to be a very lucrative opportunity for the right person, who demonstrates the above mentioned skill set that was highlighted in this article. The need for this position will continue to grow in the following months and years.