Highest paying jobs Australia – Project Manager

The field of project management is a booming industry in Australia. Project managers are the business professionals responsible for managing, planning, executing, and finishing any project. Project manager’s jobs can vary in terms of length of projects, hours, and pay. A skilled project manager can make the most money handling projects in Australia’s booming technology sector. The demand for skilled technology project managers is high in Australia, leading to a high pay for anyone qualified to fill the positions. Few people possess the technology knowledge, business acumen, and managerial skills to lead the technology projects that pay the top dollar. Of all the countries in the world, the Project Management Institute estimated that Australia has the highest salary for project managers.

Australian project management is under a shift from mining and construction to more technology based jobs. Until recently, the leading industry in Australia was mining and natural resources. Much of the projects in digging and opening up mines have been completed. Some project manager jobs still exist in the mining industry, but most project managers have pivoted to the high paying world of technology. The field of technology project management deals with many different sub-industries of technology and computer science. These include projects relating to computer software, personal electronics, and systems networking. Software project management deals with planning software platforms and getting them into the hands of the clients. The project manager may not know how to code or even know how to use the software. What is important is that the project manager knows what the end project should look like and knows how to get to that place. Personal electronic project management includes developing phones, tablets, and computers that will be used by everyday consumers and businesses. This involves the researching of projects, building them, and bringing them to market. System networking involves setting up routers, servers, and computers for medium and large scale businesses. The project manager in systems networking keeps everything in mind and makes sure the network is installed in a way that is secure and reliable.

One way to ensure a high salary as an Australian project manager is to go to the centers for Australian technology. Sydney is not only the largest city in Australia; it is also the tech center of the country. Sydney has the highest concentration of information technology, communications, software, and electronics in the entire country. Another way to succeed in gaining a high paying project manager job is to receive education in computer science and information technology. A project manager who knows the industry will be more capable of managing the team on the project. If technology is not your specialty, then there are many other project manager options that can still earn high pay. Construction, mining, and natural resources are steady industries that were once much larger in Australia, but have since shrunk. Other stable project management industries include insurance, military contracting and aerospace. The technology industry will surely grow in the future and it is a great industry to manage projects in the near future.