Highest paying jobs Australia – Sales engineer

While pay rate and salary may vary between companies and geographic location, in Australia, a sales engineer is currently one of the highest paying jobs. A sales engineer’s job is to asses a company’s situation, asses their products, and their future outlook and make sure that sales are being optimized to maximize the company’s wealth. This position requires one to make suggestions for a company in terms of customer wants and market needs in order to promote company growth. This role is an important asset to any company in any industry as the job ensures that the company is making the most possible money that can be made. In Australia specifically, this industry is on the rise and in high demand. This demand allows for great financial gain for a person working in this field and is a well worth career choice for any Australian to look into. This position includes both engineering and sales aspects, meaning a good candidate for this role would need experience in both areas to succeed. With the correct schooling and training, one might find this to be a very appealing career path as it is currently Australia’s highest paying position and is an industry that is in demand and on the rise.

The current salary for this position in Australia is an average of AU$76,000. This amount changes variably depending on company, industry, experience level, and location. For instance, a person with this position and ten to twenty years of experience may see an average salary of AU$96,000 instead of the seventy-six thousand that was seen before. Location also plays a big factor in this, as the salary for sales engineers is seen to be significantly lower in Melbourne, Australia than it is in Sydney and Perth. This may be due to a need, or lack thereof, of sales engineers or just the difference of salary relative to other positions. The company also plays a huge role in determining salary; some companies may pay more for sales engineers depending on how well the company is doing on its own. A more successful company may pay less as they need less guidance. Many factors will always affect the salary of a role but overall the monetary benefit of joining this field is spectacular.

Despite these factors, the sales engineering industry in Australia is currently on the rise and sales engineers are in demand and well compensated for their work. This position is filled by somebody who has the background and schooling of an engineer but also handles the business aspect of a company and works to promote and sell products as well as come up with ways to better the company financially and better the products they are selling. This person is basically an engineer and salesperson hybrid. Getting into this industry can be difficult as a person has to have both engineering and sales experience and capabilities in order to perform but from a salary stand point one may find it well worth it.