Highest paying jobs Australia – Statistician

Australia’s top-paying job is statistician. This is not a dry topic. Statisticians work in every industry and are in a demand in the nation’s large agricultural and mining industries, in addition to government, finance, retailing and any field that requires making sense of large amounts of data. Statisticians can condense Big Data into useful numbers that direct government and businesses to the most efficient ways of accomplishing their goals. Statisticians provide the decision-making tools that executives can use to determine hiring, output and multi-year plans. Without statistics, decision-makers are left behind, and without statisticians, Australia’s national strategy would lack guidance. Statistic and statisticians are as essential today as charts and navigators were in the grand era of exploration.  By providing analysis and insight, statisticians make sense of data and make it easy for other individuals to understand. Between calculations and presentations, these statisticians are essential for a functional economy, despite the fact that they rarely receive recognition. Although being a statistician requires a lot of education and is far from easy, the job is highly rewarding, both mentally and financially. Because of the high demand and skill, Statisticians are highly coveted in Australia and are compensated fairly, making the position of Statistician one of the highest paid jobs in Australia.

Statisticians can come from many fields. While many have pursued a major field of study in statistics in college or professional-training school, others come to the field via accounting, finance, engineering, mathematics and computer-programming. Statistics is a sciences and while many fields can give a background in the field, mathematics is essential for the profession statistician. The study of mathematics through calculus is helpful. Statisticians must also be adept at the testing of hypotheses the use of computers including spreadsheets. Professional statisticians must be as gifted at communicating their results as they are at generating them. Top people in the field are adept at their science, and able to write for their audience, as well as speak before boards and other groups.

Statistician is Australia’s top-paying profession because these data scientists are always in demand. In good times and bad, businesses and government offices need to know what is going on and where they are headed. A bad crop or a weak commodities market may limit opportunities in agriculture or mining, but the statistician is always needed to help determine how good of bad conditions are, and when they might turn up for the better. Similarly, the government (a major employer of statisticians) must forecast its spending and taxation policies based upon the best numbers available. A good statistician will always find opportunities and many move into management and even the top levels of corporations and public service. A statistician is usually the first to know what is happening and the best-suited to communicate numbers and trends to decision-makers and the public. The field is strong and will remain so.