Highest paying jobs Australia – Store manager

Store manager jobs in Australia vary a great deal depending on the retail business an employee chooses to work for. These positions can provide a healthy annual income and provide opportunities for advancement in the field. Most retail stores are driven by a desire to increase quarterly sales across the board and ask store managers to increase profits with smart scheduling, provide timely training for employees on how to increase sales, and monitor employee strengths and weaknesses in regards to their position in the store. Managers can choose from a variety of industries, from electronics, home appliances, books, fashion, health and beauty, to convenience stores.

Retail management positions in Australia range in annual salary from $39,000 to as much as $62,800 AUS depending on location in the country. Some retail store manager jobs also offer a competitive bonus structure, which can pay out as much as an additional $9,500. Additionally, profit sharing is common among retail franchises, offering from $200 on the low end and close to $20,000 in any given year if sales are booming. Checking in with different franchises on the additional benefits and bonus structures they have in place is one way to see if they have a payment structure that fits individual goals and desires. Some stores, like appliance retailers may have a low annual salary that is offset by high potential for commission-based earnings. Highly motivated sales people can bring in quite a bit of cash, but having an off week or month can put a dent in your pocketbook. In contrast, working for a store that deals in home beauty supplies may have a higher annual salary but a lower bonus structure at the end of each fiscal quarter.

When planning a career path in the retail store manager category, there are quite a few ways to chart your areas of growth. A high percentage of first-time store managers are promoted from within retail companies. If you currently have no retail management (or other management experience) expect to work for a company for at least six months before becoming eligible for promotion to store manager. Once you are a store manager, salaries generally do not increase with years of experience. On average, a person who has been managing a store for 20 years will have only a slightly higher salary than someone in their first year in management. To offset stagnant wages, retail managers may apply to other companies in order to improve their wages or work on improving their resume for a move to a higher position within their company. With enough experience in the industry, store managers can become operations managers, who oversee the production and operations of the entire store or a chain of stores. Other options include becoming a regional manager who oversees a group of retail managers, working on the brand’s visual merchandising, or moving to the corporate office in the business development department. To sum it all up, there are many opportunities available to retail store managers if you would like to increase your annual wages.