Highest paying jobs Australia – Surgeon

Being a surgeon is the highest paying job in Australia. Realistically, they are one of the highest paying jobs anywhere. As Australia’s economy grows, more people are considering going to Australia to live and work. Obviously to be a surgeon, one must possess a medical license and have gone through many years of schooling. A surgeon must meet the education requirements to enter medical school and then go through the many years of medical school, and then focus their studies on surgical procedures. There are many good medical schools world wide that can be attended for schooling.

There are also many types of surgeons. Cardiac surgeons work on hearts, whereas Cardiothoracic surgeons operate on heart, lung, and other chest issues. Bariatric surgeons operate on obese patients with the hopeful outcome of weight loss and better health. Rectal and colon surgeons operate on the small and large intestines, as well as the rectum and anus. There are gynecologic surgeons that deal with the female reproductive system. Maxilliofacial surgeons work on problems with the jaw, mouth, and facial bones. Neurosurgeons treat the central nervous system which includes both the spinal cord and the brain. Obstetric surgeons deal with pregnant women and women giving birth. Ophthalmology surgeons only work on surgeries that are needed for the eye. Pediatric surgeons work with children, while neonatal surgeons work with preemies and newborns. A podiatry surgeon works on the ankle, feet and toes. Oncology Surgeons specialize in operating on patients with cancer. Oral surgeons treat dental issues such as tooth removal and root canals. Orthopedic surgeons specialize on ligaments, joints, and bones. Otolaryngial surgeons are also known as ear, nose, and throat surgeons. There are also plastic surgeons who work with the cosmetic surgeries that are getting popular these days. Vascular surgeons work with blood vessels. Trauma surgeons primarily work in Emergency Rooms dealing with shootings, stabbings, car crashes, and other injuries that come into the ER needing surgery. There is also your abdominal surgeon who treats things like appendicitis and hernias. Last but not least there is a general surgeon.

Now that you see how many types of surgeons there are you can realize why there is so much variety in the salary of a surgeon. The average salary for a general surgeon is around $121,000 per yer in AU. A pediatric surgeon makes around $148,500 AU. One of the highest paying surgeons is a cardiac surgeon and that averages around $175,000 AU per year. The highest cardiac surgeon salary average is around $390,000 AU per year. If you are more familiar with American currency, 1 AU is about 70 cents in US dollars. This means that the $121,000 AU salary for a general surgeon is equivalent to about $84,361.14 in US currency. Surgeons are on high demand in Australia right now. The Australian Department of Immigration has put surgeon on the Migration Occupations in Demand List. This means if you are a surgeon trying to get a visa to work in Australia you will receive priority.