Shortage of physicians – Malaysia

I did not have any understanding that still there are shortage of Doctors in Malaysia. However it is true that there are shortage of physicians, relative to the west. We also know that  Malaysia has long been an exporter of doctors to countries like Australia, in spite of that, plenty of job openings for qualified doctors in Malaysia. The country is importing largest workers from different countries of Asia.

In a nice morning I went to MMC (Malaysian Medical council). I had a discussion with concern departmental officer. He was focusing registration of foreign doctors in Malaysia. There are specific application process. Only thing is to remember that foreign medical college should be in acceptance list of MMC.  Only it needs one month for approval. Last Thursday of every month, all application get reviewed . However it is difficult to be registered in Malaysia if there is a doctor from Romania.

You can get  guideline and application form.

Full Registration For Malaysian & Non Malaysia Horsemanship abroad
Assistant Administrative N17
Malaysian Medical Council
Ministry of Health
Block B, Ground Floor
Jalan Cenderasari
50590 Kuala Lumpur
03 – 2691 2171 / 2155 / 2145