Starting a GP clinic business in Malaysia

Malaysia is a country of tourist and also business. Tourist of various country arrived each day and stay for a long vacation. Hotels and roads are full of tourist most of the time. Considering the fact business become popular and lucrative. Foreigners are encouraged to invest in the country. Good returns are there. Among various business food and travel are commonly popular. However, Malaysian Government are encouraging GP clinic business thorough-out  the country. There are chronic shortage of physicians, you can try for that.

When I was searching for investment in clinic business in Malaysia as foreigner, all the information was inadequate to me. To gather knowledge, I started searching information on Google. Plenty of advice were there. I was afraid that how I will enter in this healthcare sector as a foreigner? I discussed with some of my friends, however they encouraged me. Its a general tale in Malaysia that clinic business is recession proof.

There is a small restriction to start clinic business as foreigner. You need to take 02 Malaysian as director. It does not matter that you will give them share or not but they must be act as director. Country wants to create employment opportunity through this. With this information, I did not stop. I found a local guy who was well educated in MPH (master in public health) and experienced in clinic set up. I found this guy through search in Google.  With some email correspondence, I found that he is fit. However, seeing is believing.  All on a sudden I visited Malaysia. After arrival, I found that it is a nice country. I meet with this guy and discussed with him thoroughly. I was more encouraged. Cash flow study was entertaining.

For a basic GP clinic ( 01 main doctor, 01 locum doctor, Ultrasound machine, Blood analyzer machine, ECG machine and option of X-ray etc) will cost RM 150,000 as one time investment. Also I considered drug store and optional X-ray machine. I took 75% share of clinic and formed a company. It was an Sdn Bhd company. Monthly clinic rent was RM 6100 as it is located in a popular place name Ampang.  When the renovation process was started, I was more happy. Each week I received photos of renovation sitting in my country.

A basic cash flow study revealed that you can earn RM 12000 each month (minimum) as Investor and almost by doing nothing. Recently I again visited Malaysia to see the work progress. It was fine. Now I am waiting for MOH permission. I hope everything will be fine by next one week. I am starting a new journey.